Monday, July 5, 2010

The Potato and Our Nation's Independence

As any self respecting southern woman would, I planned on making a potato salad for our little shindig for the 4th of July with Kate, Charlie and their family.
A store bought salad will just not do, as most southern women take pride in their homemade potato salads, as do I.

The recipe that I have is a family recipe that has been passed down and I've never had anyone run for the emergency room as of yet.. so I guess I'm doing something right. lol!

As I stood in the kitchen peeling the mound of potatoes that were before me, I thought about our soldiers who are out there in other countries and about past soldiers who fought for and to keep our independence.
Why would my mind wander to soldiers?
Well, if you've had a loved one in the military, then I'm sure you've heard the stories of the dreaded KP (Kitchen Patrol) duty. One wrong move and your little hiney would end up there peeling potatoes, onions and anything else they needed to feed the massive amounts of men and women.
Some men and women even enrolled in that division as to avoid being in direct combat. I'm really not sure which is worse because peeling potatoes is definitely not a fun chore especially if you are peeling for thousands.

On this year's Fourth of July celebration (although a day late in posting), I salute all of you men and women out there who have thought enough about the rest of us to take time out of your lives to serve our country and to fight for the freedoms that we have.
I give a warm, Texan hug to all of you out there who have lost loved ones while they were serving. Their great sacrifice is very much appreciated!
I thank all of my family who have served and continue to serve in varying branches of  the military; including U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Marines.

Whether serving on the front lines, from an office desk, in a hospital, or peeling potatoes in a kitchen somewhere in a land that is not your own.. your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed... at least not by me!

Thank you!

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