Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Date With Kate!

Ok.. maybe not a full fledged date, but at least we are getting together.
Granted, our husbands and children will also be there, but the point is, is that I get to spend some time with her.
I refer to this woman as "Kate" because she is just about the spitting image of the actress Kate Mara!

You can imagine my surprise when I received an email from her a little over a month ago, confessing her attraction to me!
She found my profile on a site for swingers that we are a part of.
Their (her and her husband's) profile, mirrors ours almost exactly, which is quite a rare thing we have found in the 2+ years that we have been actively been involved in the lifestyle.
Kate and myself have been talking quite frequently and have met once at a club and spent some time getting to know each other there, but it will be nice to see her out of the flashing lights and loud music which makes it difficult to really get to know someone.

Today is the big day, and I'm really excited! We'll be going over to their house to celebrate this year's Independence Day with some bar-b-q, and weather permitting... going for a swim in the pool.
When evening arrives, we'll all gather around a bon fire and shoot off fireworks deep into the cool breeze of the country's night sky.
They live quite a bit off of the beaten path down a dirt road so it will be nice to see the fireworks without the landscape of the city in the background. The colors will definitely shine!

So.. lookout for an update on how the day went, as I'm sure I'll be full of all sorts of details!! :-D

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