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Twisting crazy acts of the Kama Sutra

If you are anything like me, you see the different types of positions found in the Kama Sutra and scratch your head trying to figure out how in the hell people actually found themselves in these positions.
While looking through the positions, most don't look very comfortable and are quite hard to actually get into.
A few years ago, hubby and myself bought a board game that entails some of the Kama Sutra and directs you to actually perform a position from a drawing on the playing cards. Some of which, are quite easy to perform, but others.. I think you might need some sort of degree in yoga to actually perform.
Here is a list of different positions that I found on a site that is quite informative. If you find yourself intrigued, please do visit their site to try and figure out how to accomplish these! Kama Sutra Sexual Positions
There were WAY too many for me to try to explain into detail.

Sitting Positions
Kaurma (The Tortoise),  Paravartita (Turning), Markata (The Monkey),  Marditaka (Crushing Spices), Kshudgaga (Striking), Yugmapada (The Foot Yoke), Yugmapada (The Feet Yoke), Svastika (The Swastika),  Dolita (The Swing), Kirtibandha (the Knot of Fame),  and last but not least.. the funniest of the sitting positions.
If you can do this particular maneuver without bursting into a big 'ole chuckle, then you are too serious! LMAO! I HAD to include the explanation of this one!
Jaya (Victory) - The male kneels between the females thighs and tickles her breasts and underarms while saying, "My lovely darling" and imprinting deep nail marks around her nipples.

Standing Positions
Dadhyayataka (Churning Curds), Sammukha (Face-to-face), Dola (the Swing), Traivikrama (the Stride), Tripadam (the Tripod), Veshta (the Encircling), Tala (the Palm), Dvitala (Two Palms), and Janukurpara (the Knee Elbow).
And for all my booty loving friends ;-) .. here are the
Rear Entry Positions
Svanaka (the Dog), Hirana (the Deer), Gardabha (the Ass), Marjara (the Cat), Mallaka (the Wrestler), Aibha (the Elephant), Hastika (the Elephant).. I guess you need more than one type of elephant position! hehe, Traivikrama (the Stride), Ekabandha (One Knot), and another elephant position.. boy I guess elephants must know how to get busy!! Nagabandha (the Elephant).
Role Reversal Positions
Upasripta (Natural), Manthana (Churning), Hula (the Double-edged Knife), Avamardana (Rubbing), Piditaka (Pressing), Nirghata (the Buffet), Varahaghata (the Boar's Blow), Vrishaghata (the Bull's Blow), Chatakavilasa (Sparrow Sport), Samputa (the Jewel Case), Lilasana (Seat of Sport), Hansabandha (the Swan), Upavitika (the Sacred thread), Viparitaka (Reversed), Yugmapada (the Foot Yoke), Hansa-lila (Swan Sport), Garuda (Garuda), Virsha (the Bull), Sampada (Equal Feet), Mausala (the Pestle), Gramya (the Rustic), Ratipasha (Love's Noose), Lataveshta (the Clinging Creeper), and Shankha (the Couch).

Most of these positions are somewhat repetitive, and will easily flow into each other if you can get the first part down. It's just getting into the initial position that can prove to be a little difficult.

Here are some books that I found that might be interesting to take a look at and delve deeper into some of the positions, or even find new variations!

Anne Hooper's, Kama Sutra

Anne Hooper's, Kama Sutra

Kat Harding's, The Lesbian Kama Sutra
Kat Harding and Julia Quinn's compliation, The Lesbian Kama Sutra

Terry Sanderson & Kat Harding's compilation, The Gay Man's Kama Sutra
Colin Spencer's, The Gay Kama Sutra

If you have any thoughts, opinions, or would like to share about your experiences with the Kama Sutra and/or the books, please do!

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