Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Can't Turn Him on! - Ask a Housewife!

Today's question comes from a young lady who is having difficulties turning her boyfriend on via web cam.

(Please not that the question has not been altered in any way. Questions are copied verbatim.)


so i have this other guy that i like so much, we kinda have a long distance relationship going on, & i try to keep it alive by chatting with him almost everyday.
The thing is i'm not good at talking dirty so he wants me to make him come buy stripping & the like on webcam.
I tried looking 4 videos online, & copied stuff, but he still gets upset that i dont please him/make him come or even turn him on, like really i try hard, i used sexy uniforms, dressed slutty, touched myself 4 him (which i dont like i general, masturbation is just not my thing.)

Can you give me any tips on how or what to do to make him come on webcam, thanks =)" 

Dear (name removed),

Honestly, you have done more than most women would do to try and please him.

I can understand how hard it is to keep a long distance relationship full of passion, but if you are not comfortable doing certain things, and have even tried moving out of your comfort zone to please him and he is not appreciative of the lengths you have gone, then I am not sure what to tell you.
It seems as though he has not taken into consideration how hard this has been for you to actually put into motion, and seems as though he is not being respectful of you.
To me, this does not sound healthy and seems more like he is doing things to pleasure himself and not you. A relationship is give and take.. not just take. Compromise and communication are key.
Explain to him how this makes you feel. Open up to him. He may even possibly not realize that you have gone to such lengths to try and please him.
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