Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eyes Wide... Open!

The anticipation was mounting for the "Eyes Wide Shut" masquerade ball.
The club that we most frequent, was celebrating their anniversary and what a way to celebrate!!
I had gotten everything I needed and was ready to party the night away!

I had my little black dress, a mask w/cheetah print and feathers (that I had borrowed from Kate), make-up all done up w/an exotic style and don't forget the patten leather hoochie shoes w/a 5 inch heel. All of that, plus my after midnight cheetah outfit that left little to the imagination. ;-)

Hubby and myself get to the club a little earlier than normal since this night was going to be huge, and was going to be a packed house early on.
When we arrived, Kate and her husband were already there in the area that we had reserved earlier. As soon as we made our way to the area, Kate immediately grabbed me and gave me a huge hug that was soon followed by an amazing kiss. Wow.. our first kiss!

Kate looked stunning in her all white dress w/white jeweled mask!
Hubby and myself made our rounds saying hi to everyone that we knew and soon settled in for a drink.
Looking through the crowd, it was quite a view with all the masquerade gowns, masks, and capes. Many of the women had only g-strings and tassels on, which were pretty nice to behold! The club filled up pretty quickly and was packed by around 10:30pm.

Kate and I shared a few kisses throughout the night, and at one point while we were kissing, I heard someone comment, "Aww.. that is soo sweet".

Kate had either been very nervous or very excited in anticipation of the night, and had ended up drinking a little more than she could handle. By around 11pm, she was laid over on her husband sitting on a couch not feeling so well. I felt so horrible for her.
I sat beside her and relieved her husband of his duty so he could take a break and get up and mingle for awhile, while I sat there with her.
I stayed with her for quite some time stroking her hair and trying to comfort her the best that I could. I got up to let her lay down and try to nap for a bit and sleep it off.
At that point, it was past midnight, so I went into the bathroom and changed into my 2nd outfit for the evening.

The comments and the looks that I received after changing made me realize that I had made a good decision on the outfit! hehe.
Hubby and I made out a bit and I stood in front of him dancing and well.. let's just say that I had his attention. ;-)

Kate began to show subtle signs of life and I went over to her and finally persuaded her to step outside and get some fresh air and walk it off a bit.
She began feeling much better after that and the party continued.
Soon after, she managed to make her way to the pole and started dancing ever so seductively for those who were watching her.
When I could take it no longer, I joined her on the pole and we danced on each other for a few songs. Having her so close to me, grinding, sliding and moving every which way.. I just wanted to take her right there and then, but I knew that I must wait for the right time.

Throughout the night, there were quite a few people that came up to talk with Kate and even one woman in particular expressed her interest in her and said that she wanted her so bad. To think about that, is really nice. Here is this gorgeous woman who is desired by others, and yet.. she chooses me!! How amazing is that?!?

Both of us (Kate and myself), did some teasing play with other females during the night, but always made our way back to each other. The kissing we shared that night was very sensual and intimate.. not like I kiss other women. There is definitely more in it with Kate.

We all had a great time, and I had hoped that Kate and her husband would join us after the club for a little "after-party" at our home, but they had drove some friends with them and needed to take them home. Plus, after the time she had earlier in the night, she really needed to get some good rest. I'd much rather enjoy her sexually when the time is right rather than rush into it.

Now hubby and myself had quite a good time! A blow job on the way home, followed up by sex in the back seat immediately after pulling into the driveway, and then I made sure to try out my new toy that I had purchased on Friday!
All in all, I had a wonderful time enjoying myself with hubby and Kate. It is definitely the start of something beautiful and I am loving the ride so far!

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