Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A year has passed

A year ago today, my world changed.

This time last year, I was visiting my brother in the hospital who had been in a major car accident 5 days prior and had sustained a brain injury that would result in his death.
Surrounded by 2 of his sisters and 1 of his brothers, my brother left this world knowing he was loved.

I am the youngest of all of my siblings by quite a few years and did not grow up with them in the house. By the time I can remember, all of my brothers and sisters had already moved out.
At the age of 16, my brother, "D" had moved out and had helped form a band that would carry on for over 10 years and produce 3 albums with him being lead vocalist.
They traveled alot for performances, but I remember one special time that he stopped in while on tour to come to my 7th birthday party. That time was so special to me, that he thought enough about me to come and see me even though he was so busy at the time.
Because I was so young while he was with the band, I never did get to see him live in concert, but more special to me are the times that we sang together in our livingroom with the whole family playing guitars and singing.

Through my earlier adult years, I had lost contact with my brother and we were reconnected 5 years ago. I am so greatful for the last few years that I had to get to know my brother better as an adult, and for my children and my husband to be able to meet him and get to know him as well.
His name and his songs will forever remain in the music industry, but his heart will forever remain within our family and what he meant to us all.

Here's to you, "D"!
We love you, and miss you each day, but we know you are rockin' the heavens!!!

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