Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bare breasts and a little after sun advice

We had such a great time on our mini-vaca!
The water was icy-cold and the weather was extremely hot, so it all worked out well!
I don't think I have ever seen so many naked boobies floating about in one group in my life.. it was AWESOME!!
The bonus of it all, is that icy-cold water does wonders for the boobs! One minute you've got normal kinda looking boobs, and the next.. BAM! You've got perky little nipples that are begging for attention!
The downside, is that the arctic coldness of the river does the opposite for men! :-(
Boobs were all around bobbing about, but no wieners in sight! Maybe there needs to be an invention made up for swim trunk heaters.. now that's an idea!

Anywho.. with all the bare breasted women floating around during the day, there were quite a few women whose paleness turned to differing shades of red by the evening. Luckily, I kept mine under wraps for most of the time, with the occasional peek-a-boo.. so I didn't get red on the ta-ta's but managed to get quite red everywhere else.

So here are a few tips for all you sun bathing gods or goddesses out there who manage to find yourself in the 'red zone' during this funtastic summer!

  • Stinky is good! Believe it or not, the old wives tale of white vinegar actually does take the sting out of a sunburn! Yes, it is quite the aroma and you will definitely smell like a pickle for about an hour, but it gives you much needed relief when you are hurting. If your burn is in a small area, soaking a cotton ball in the stuff and dabbing it on will do the trick. If your burn covers a larger area, find an empty spray bottle and give yourself a good spray. Just remember to stay away from people for awhile! haha!
  • Rub a dub dub, keep soap out of the tub! Soap can irritate sensitive sunburned skin, so try to steer clear of any cleaners for 48 hours. Please.. do take a bath, just stick to rinsing off. If you must be squeaky clean, try using body washes that are formulated for sensitive skin like Dove and only use your hand to wash off. Poufs and washcloths should be avoided!
  • Hot is a no-no! During your bath, keep your water at a temperature that you can handle. Hot baths are not good for your skin because they will dry you out even more, and right now you need to get all the moisture you can get! A luke warm bath is all you should need.
  • Oil me up, baby! During your bath, add about 1/4 c. of Safflower oil while the water is running. The warm water will help to open up the pores of your skin, and give the oil a chance to penetrate the dry skin and give it the moisture it needs. Safflower oil has vitamin E and is high in antioxidants, which has many benefits for your skin! You might even want to try adding this to your normal bathing routine to keep that skin moisturized and give it a healthy glow. I often keep a spray bottle handy that has safflower oil in it (2 parts water to 1 part oil) and will spray myself every few hours to help keep my skin from getting dry and peeling after I've been out in the sun. Just make sure that you don't expose your oiled skin to the sun, or it could produce even more damage.
  • Get on the boat! There is another product that I keep handy for moisturizing after sun exposure and it's Banana Boat's, Moisturizing Aloe After Sun Lotion. I have used this lotion for a few years and it has worked wonders on keeping my skin from flaking off after I've gotten some sun. If you've gotten a bad burn, then it may not help the peeling, but for a light sun burn, it works great to avoid the peel and also prolong your tan.
  • Water, water, water! Everyone knows that drinking 8 - 8oz glasses of water each day is important for you, but especially when your body is depleted of the moisture it needs from the sun. Make sure you drink your water and keep your body well hydrated so that it can help heal itself.
If at all possible, it's best to start the above within 24 hours of getting a burn or exposure to the sun. The sooner you help your body to recover, the less likely you are to peel!

Until next time..

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