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Outing myself and The birthday party - Part 2

My eyes have now been rested, so now for part 2!

If you have not yet read part 1, please do so prior to reading forward.
And as a "heads up", you may want to DVR your favorite show if it's coming on within the next 30 minutes or so, because apparently I have alot to say.
So get yourself settled in to sit a spell. Grab a cup of coffee, a cold beer or your beverage of choice and sit back and have a good read.

I left off with the new girl who we weren't too fond of.
Now let me tell you, I am one of those people who try to think the best of a person. I usually give multiple chances for a person to make a good impression and rarely go on a first meeting.
Sometimes, this is a good thing, but other times (like this instance), I really wish that I would take my first instincts of a person and run like hell.

The after party had already began to take a plunge when those who were invited weren't able to make it, new additions added, and now this girl whom I didn't care for was in the mix. Little did I know that the events at the bar would be the least of my concerns for the evening.

Our friends who were hosting started to round up all the people who were invited to the after party, and we all started making our rounds saying our good-byes to the other guests.
Everyone was already given the hotel address and room number, but we decided to follow our friends instead of relying on the GPS.
We follow them to the hotel, and wait outside and chit chat for 30 minutes while 'the girl' was having a conversation with her husband on the phone.
For some unknown reason, her husband had decided not to join in on the fun for the evening, but felt that it was ok to hold up the party keeping her on the phone while we all waited.
We get up to the room and sit around talking for a bit while we waited for the other guests to arrive.
My friend and myself were reminiscing about different things we have experienced together and 'the girl' must have went and told her man that she was feeling left out, as he told us.. "She is feeling a little left out and jealous of the fact that you two have known each other for so long, and she isn't having a good time".
OMFG!!! You've got to be kidding me?!
So, this girl that I do not even like, I have to now console her hurt feelings! Could it get worse?.. Oh just you wait!

One couple shows up a few minutes later, and then my friend received a phone call that another person who was suppose to be there had gotten too drunk at the bar, and wasn't going to make it. She wasn't able to get in contact with any of the others, so we assumed that it would just be us 4 ladies. Ok.. no biggie, I'd just stick to playing with the other two women and make sure that I stayed on the other side of the bed from 'the girl'.

My friend is into a little bdsm, and it appeared that 'the girl' was as well, so me and the other lady (along with the men), just sat and watched as she used a multitude of floggers on 'the girl' as well as a spreader bar to keep her legs open to where she could not close them.
When their bdsm play was beginning to wind down, my friend called me into the room. My friend was going down on the girl, and this was the start of a very horrible evening.
I laid beside 'the girl' as she was being munched upon, while (just for my friends sake of making her girl orgy wish come true) I fondled and caressed 'the girl's' breasts and rubbed all over her body.
I started to take her shirt off, but she stopped me and I found this quite odd. Here her cooch was all out in the open with a face buried in it, but she won't allow me to remove her top. Weird!

'The girl' began moaning louder and louder and I knew that her climax was soon to be among us. My friend got out her Hitachi Magic Wand, and starting rubbing 'the girl' with the toy and after a few short moments, she exploded into oblivion.
I really wish she would have held that orgasm in, as the smell that began to omit from her was nothing short of the stench of death. I am not kidding here! I have never in my life smelled something that was as horrible as that!
And to top it off, my friend tells me, "You have got to taste her. She is so very sweet!" Uh.. I don't even think so!! There was no way in hell I was getting my mouth near something that my nose was cringing at!
I managed to wiggle my way out of that, as my friend was still enjoying her taste of yuck and noticed that the other couple who were there had now gone. This left only myself, my friend, and 'the girl'. Oh joy!

My husband and myself had went shopping the night prior for this event and purchased a new toy that I was VERY excited to try out. A strapless strap on!
This is the first type that we've actually been able to find in an actual store, and were very pleased!
After now finding it on Amazon, I really wish that we would have had more time to find it, because it would have saved us about $50.. Oh well!

Back to the story at hand..

My friend knew about my new toy and I was fully expecting to break it in on her, but I guess she had other plans.
When she had enough of the nasty hooch, she came up for some fresh air, and put on her strap on and started giving it to 'the girl'. I then turned and grabbed the closest toy which was my friend's double dong and began sliding it in and out of her while she stroked her attachment in and out of 'the girl'.

After a bit of that, my friend turns and asks me to get my new toy.
Woohoo! I get to try out my new apparatus!!!!
The new toy took a bit of maneuvering to get it inside of me because even though it doesn't really look like it, the bulb is quite large.
"The better to stay inside of you and not fall out, my dear", I keep thinking to myself. LOL!
Even though I was already quite wet, I had to apply some lube to finally get it all situated and ready to go. Ok.. READY!!!
Then, she tells me that she wants to see me fuck 'the girl'. Aww hell! I could feel my imaginary dick going limp at her statement.
I didn't want to put my brand new toy in her stench hole! Damn!
So, for the sake of my friends birthday wish, I (reluctantly) entered her.
It was going ok for the first few moments and then she started moving around alot and I lost my rhythm.
I'm not completely new to the whole strap on experience, but I was to this new toy and I wasn't able to keep up with her movements and she sure wasn't making it easy. I pounded faster and faster til I could pound no more and I fell backwards onto the bed completely out of breath.
I lay there for a moment and 'the girl' sits up and bestows upon me the worst feeling of hurt I have ever experienced in my nether regions besides childbirth. 
She f@&**#@ yanked.. yes YANKED my fully inserted cock out of me with one quick movement! The same toy that gave me quite a bit of reluctancy even getting it in there in the first place, and that was with some added lube as well! What was this girl thinking?!?!
As a way to make up for things (I'm assuming.. but who knows what this chick was thinking), she begins to go down on me. I'm already VERY sore and no amount of licking is going to make it better. My cookie is on fire here!
She then began to insert her fingers inside which made matters worse, but to top it off, she started tugging at my hood piercing and it felt as though she was trying to rip it out of me. So.. with more pain then I could stand for one evening, I pushed her head away and told her she needed to stop.

I excused myself to the kitchen area and curled up on a chair trying to recover from the damage that she did to my perfectly good vajayjay.
A few moments later my friend and 'the girl' followed me out and I just made up the excuse that I was feeling a little pain from my piercing and needed to stop for a bit. Normally, I think I would have gone off on 'the girl', but I didn't want to cause any drama or ill feelings on my friends birthday.
I pulled up my big panties and just sucked it up.

'The girl' and my friends boyfriend then went into the room and began fooling around while myself, my friend and my husband talked for a bit.
My husband looked into the room a time or two and said that 'the girl' was crying while they were having sex.
I'm not sure what that was all about, but she had been weird the entire time that evening, so why stop now?!

About an hour went by and 'the girl' finally decided that it was time to go home, and I was oh so glad to see her go!
After she left, the four of us went back into the bedroom and my friend and I started messing around. She went down on me and it felt really great. She has a tongue ring and the vibration that it sends between both piercings is really nice. But.. for some reason I couldn't seem to get off. I would get to that point and then it would diminish.
I'm not sure if it was all the trauma that it experience or what.. but it wasn't going to go nowhere, so we left it at that.
She pulled out her boyfriends cock and began sucking on him, while my husband attempted a good a clit licking, but it was still a no go.
Both of us couples then began a good sex session and with the bang of the men's orgasm, we called it a night.. or morning whichever you prefer as it was close to 6am by that time.

I left there with the knowledge of a few things....
  1. If you've got a bad feeling about someone.. trust it, and run like hell!
  2. Some girls are just too sensitive when it comes to feelings.
  3. All vaginas do not smell and taste like heaven. Hell is more like it!
  4. Some women should douche.. and do it daily, if not hourly in the case of a few really bad ones.
  5. Never bring a new toy to a party with above mentioned girl.
  6. To extend #5, avoid 'the girl' at all costs!
  7. And last but not least.. having sex with your husband at the end of a horrible evening really does a body good! :-)

I hope you have enjoyed reading my misfortune of an evening and taken away a bit of knowledge from it.

Cheers! And here's to fully recovered lady bits!

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