Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Outing myself and The birthday party - Part 1

As promised, the birthday party that we atteneded.

Before I can get into the details of the party, I must first explain that we are not your ordinary run of the mill married suburban couple. We are swingers.
We have been involved in the lifestyle for a little more than two years, and are still considered quite tame to the population of swingers in general because we have not yet fully swapped opposite sex partners.

We got into the lifestyle because I am bisexual, and although I would love to carry on a loving romantic relationship with another female, with family and hectic schedules this isn't always the easiest thing to achieve. Plus.. my "bi-dar" or "gay-dar" has yet to be fine tuned and it's an easier way to find females whom I can be intimate with who won't get their feelings hurt if I don't get the chance to call the next day.

Now before you go off and think that this is cheating.. my husband is fully aware and very supportive of my bisexuality. My bisexuality and my desire for women as well as him were very well known before we began our relationship.

Anywho.. Like I stated, we aren't full swap swingers (trading partners for full penetrative sex), nor are we soft swap swingers (trading partners for oral sex). We are of the more tame variety of swingers who enjoy girl/girl sex. Most of the time, both of our husbands will be there as well to either watch or participate with their own wife or girlfriend and then it mostly leads to same room sex between both couples.
We are slowly making our way to soft swap swinging, but we are still in the talking stages of this, and there's no telling when it will happen, if it even does.

Okay, now that all of that is out of the way, I can get to the party that we attended! Whew! LOL!

The birthday party was for a close friend of ours in the swinging community and her birthday wish was to have an all girl orgy including her and 6 other females. This sounded like an awesome idea to me, and I was on board from the first time I heard about it in the planning stages. hehe.
I knew most of the females that were invited to the party, so I felt pretty comfortable and really excited about the night that lay before me.
We get to the pre-party that was held at a local bar with people that would be attending the after-party at the hotel, as well as others who were just there to celebrate with no knowledge of what would happen later in the evening.
The plan was to celebrate at the bar until around 11pm and then head out to the hotel.
At the hotel, the females were to be in the bedroom having our little fun while the guys either surfed the net, chatted, or did whatever guys do.
After us girls were through with our little girl party, then the guys would be invited to join in or those who were not comfortable with that were invited to either watch or excuse themselves for the rest of the evening.
There was one girl whom myself or my husband had never met, and we figured that we could get to know her at the bar.
Well, it turns out that most of the women who were to attend the after party, didn't show and a few others were added to the list. No biggie.
We introduce ourselves to the girl that we had not yet met, and from first impressions this lady was not our cup of tea. She was very rude and embarrased me greatly during an icing incident with the birthday cake.
We sure were hoping that we took her wrong, and gave her the benefit of doubt.

I will have to complete this posting on Part 2, as the toothpicks holding my eyelids up are starting to break. haha!
Apologies for the abrupt halt.

Nighty night!

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