Monday, June 7, 2010

Our son's 7th Birthday & Traveling Family

This past week was very very busy to say the least!!!
We found out a few weeks ago that some of my family were coming in from out of town to stay for a week, and the house was a disaster!
So, with this knowledge in hand, I begin cleaning with a venegence.

We moved into our home in October of last year, but because we had to do so much renovation to just move in, we hadn't done much since we've lived here. Boxes still lined the walls, half painted walls, an unfinished kitchen with granite countertops waiting to be installed, the downstairs 1/2 bath completely undone, let alone all the clutter that is left in the wake of 3 children amongst many other odds and ends.
A week of cleaning, and I finally managed to get it all done enough to be able to accept company. Granted, the granite countertops are leaning against a wall and the 1/2 bath are still undone, but it was as clean as it was going to get with the time that we had to get it ready.
To top off the busyness, we had our son's 7th birthday that Friday (The day they arrive), and had a birthday party for a friend that Saturday.

On Friday, we completed all the last minute cleaning and took our son out to "IT'Z" for his birthday. The place is sort of like a Chuck E. Cheese for the older crowd of kids. They have the typical arcade games, rides, and a pizza buffet. The pizza buffet wasn't that great at all. They only had 2 or 3 different varieties of pizza (hamburger, pepperoni, and cheese), and they were all fairly bland. I'm guessing that is the reason they make you purchase the food to even be able to enter the place, because otherwise they wouldn't be able to sell it! lmao!
He rode a few of the rides, including one that is called, "Disk-O". Wow!! This ride is something that you would find at a Six Flags or similiar, and it's quite fun. I was a bit surprised that he liked it. He was scared a little, but kept wanting to ride on it again! haha!

I guess a trip to Six Flags this summer is in order!
The next day we visit a little with the family who has come into town. They decided to stay at my mom's house for most of the visit, which is nice since we have been so busy, but on the other hand.. I spent an entire week or so getting this house fixed up.. so they had better at least come over! haha!
The family that came to visit is my Aunt (mom's sister), my uncle, my cousin (their daughter), and their grandson from their son.
For some reason, the good looks of the family completely missed this part of the family!
No.. I'm not normally a vain person, but these folks could easily be compared to the people on "Revenge of the nerds"... coke bottle glasses, nasal laughs and all!
They are all really great, but nerdy and extremely naive!

We visit with them for awhile, and then head out to eat some mexican food at one of our favorite restaurants before getting ready for the party the night ahead of us.
The party will have to be a seperate post, because it was one that most would consider "risque", but that is our private life away from our families.. we hold a very sexy secret!

The rest of the week with the family was exhausting! They all stayed with us for one night and spent the day here for Memorial day which was alot of fun. We played some yahtzee and did a competition of bowling on the Wii. Out of all of us, my mother won!?!? That was a huge shock! lmao!

All in all, we all had a great time!
The next post will be about the party.
Until then..

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