Friday, June 18, 2010

LGBT Pride Month - Houston


As you may know (or for those of you who do not), June has been declared LGBT Pride month by President Obama.
Regardless of my feelings regarding Obama, this is one thing he has done that will continue to have a positive affect on society breaking down the prejudices and hate towards lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders.

Houston has a big LGBT population and community, and awareness is always around. The Houston LGBT community hosts numerous events during June to support awareness and pride including; Houston Pride Festival and Parade held June 26th, Pride Idol, Dine with Pride held June 23rd, and Rock the Runway held June 25th.
Information about these events, as well as others can be found at:

Pride, NOT Prejudice is the them for this year's, 32nd annual Pride LGBT Celebration, and was selected by the members of Houston's LGBT community.
In part, this theme was selected as an acknowledgement of a need for celebration.
The election of Mayor Annise Parker, has shown other major metropolitan cities that, indeed a southern city can elect a mayor not based on prejudice, but instead on pride, as she is the first openly gay elected official for a major metropolitan city. 

Houston's parade this year, is estimated to draw over 150,000 spectators, making it the 2nd largest parade in the Houston area and the largest gathering of LGBT individuals in the southern United States.

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Being a bisexual myself, these festivities have always been something that I have wanted to attend, but have not.
You see, the prejudice also exists in the gay community against persons who are bisexual. 'Some' gays see bisexuals as not being able to make up their mind between genders, and that is just as prejudiced as those who are straight slamming gays for not being sexually attracted to the opposite sex.
For me, my bisexuality is not about it being the "in" thing, but it is who I am, and always have been. It isn't about being promiscuous, although I do reserve the right to not be monogamous. I am equally attracted (both sexually and emotionally) to both genders and I do not put a limit on a person just because they have a certain genitalia.

I already have plans for this year to go out of town, but I am looking forward to making plans to attend next year's festivities.

Here's to all of you... gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered!
Raise your flag high and proudly!

Here are a few Houston LGBT resources:
Pride Houston - Organization of groups and individuals to increase awareness & equality
Houston GLBT Community Center - Community Center for the LGBT
Houston GLBT Political Caucus - The South's oldest LGBT civil rights organization


  1. Thanks for your “ramblings” about LGBT Pride Month. I am happy to have made a new friend in the blogosphere through, where I sponsored it as an event. This post is now “approved” there and visible for all to find.

    I am grateful that you shared your perspective as a bisexual. You’re right that there is some prejudice against bisexuals in the LGBT community, so I definitely want to affirm you. I actually wrote a novel called "Jesus in Love" in which Jesus is a bisexual. It makes sense to me because as the embodiment of God he loved all people and possibilities.

    I hope you’re able to attend the LGBT Pride celebration someday.

    I appreciate the research that you did for this post, and the way that you emphasized what is happening locally in Houston.

  2. Thanks.. I had fun participating and spreading the word!!


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