Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy HNT!!!.. What? Huh?

I am fairly new to blogging, as you may have noticed.
I've kept a livejournal account, that I rarely update any longer, but the blogging world seems to be a bit different, yet the same in some aspects.

I came across the term, "HNT" a while back, and I thought to myself.. Self, what the hell is HNT?
So.. like any intrigued person in the 21st century, I look to google for my answers to random questions I may have.

It appears that the term, HNT actually stands for Half Naked Thursdays. Wow! What a concept!
After doing a little research, I found that this little trend was originally started by a few people on MySpace. Really? LOL! No wonder MySpace is the sex version of Facebook! Everyone is showing their half naked bodies and maybe I'm a little different than most out there, but I will GLADLY look at a half naked body if I happen to cross paths with it! hehe! Ok.. maybe I'm not so different!

What did surprise me a little bit, is that the "rules" of HNT say that you can either post a picture of yourself or of someone else! Whoa.. wait a minute!
I know that in this day and age, it's quite easy to get pictures of others that are fully or half naked. You can either go to a site such as photobucket and do a quick search, or even have a little chat with someone through IM and they will gladly share a pic with you upon request. Hell.. I'm sure that I've got quite a few pictures out there roaming around the net, and possibly even posted for HNT.
Does that bother me? Well.. no and yes. The only way that it would really bother me, is if my face were portrayed in the pic. I come from a very large and VERY religious family, and I'd really hate for them to run across it one day, but it happens, and if it does.. Oh well I say. I do hope it doesn't, but if it does, then it's my own fault.

Anywho.. I was thinking about that, and figuring if I may already be out there somewhere anyhow, then why not post them myself?!
Hmm.. what an idea! hehe

How many of you out there participate in this little trend, and if you do.. do you post only pics of yourself.. only pics of others.. a combo?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this!


  1. Most of the bloggers who participate in HNT do the version found at "Views from the Back Row" blog run by Osbasso (i'd link you but I don't have it anymore in my reader, a google will turn it up right quick). He's been doing it for 5 years and claims to have been the first to start it. whether that's true given your findings with Myspace, I dunno. He calls it Half Nekkid Thursday, though. There is a whole bigggggg longgggg set of rules. One biggie though is that it needs to be of you! Not just any random person.
    Of course, his HNT wasn't started to allow people to become ever-increasing exhibitionists, lol. He had a more family-friendly meme in mind. Which is why I started my Wanton Wendesdays ;) I'm def not family friendly, lol.

  2. Being half naked (or Nekkid) doesn't seem even remotely family friendly to me, but what do I know.. I'm one of those exhibitionists at heart! hehe
    Hmm... I will definitely have to check out your Wanton Wednesdays! ;-)


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