Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Wii Warning

After having to purchase a brand new Wii system a few weeks ago, I thought it best to place this little warning out there for all who love playing on the Wii gaming system.

I've owned every Nintendo system that has ever been made, and I've NEVER had a problem with any of my systems until now.
Hell.. until recently, I still owned the Super Nintendo, and we still currently have the N64.
Never before, until the recent gaming systems have they been more commonly able to access the internet.
Since we have had computers hacked and viruses completely wipe them out, we aren't too eager to connect our gaming systems (We have the Wii & the PS3) to the massive world wide web.
A few weeks ago, we rented the new Super Mario Galaxy 2 that was just released. We played it a few times and we kept the system on when we went to bed that night in order to not lose the 75 lives we had gained through playing.
When we came back the next day to continue playing, the screen had an error message that stated, "Disk Error". Well crap.. we thought. All the lives we had gained were now gone, but oh well.. it happens.

We took the game out, turned the system off and then back on and reinserted the game. We got the same error message.
We continued to try and figure out what the problem was for nearly an hour, and then went and checked online at the Wii website.
We couldn't find out much information except that there were a few others who seemed to be having the same issue with no resolution besides to send the system to Nintendo to have it fixed.
We called Nintendo, and they knew nothing of the issue in regards to the game. Their solution was the same as we found on the site... to send it in for repairs, which would cost $85, plus the wait of a few weeks.
Well.. this wait was unacceptable to us, because a) We were already hooked on the game and wanted to finish it, and b) Our son was getting a new game for his birthday and would be crushed if he couldn't play it.
So, my husband goes up to Best Buy and purchases a new system and sets it all up.
The game that my son got from his grandmother just so happened to be SM Galaxy 2. Gee.. what a coincidence!
Not wanting the same thing to happen again, fearing it was the game that did the damage.. We open the game and on the 3rd page of the instruction booklet, it states..
System Menu Update: Please note that when first loading the Game Disc into the Wii console, the system will check if you have the latest version of the system menu, and , if necessary, a Wii system menu update screen will appear.
Select OK to proceed with the update. Please note that the Wii console must have the latest version of the Wii system menu in order to play the Game disc.
When the system menu is updated, unauthorized hardware and/or software modifications may be detected and unauthorized content may be removed, causing the immediate or delayed inoperability
Please note that Nintendo cannot guarantee that unauthorized software or accessories will continue to function with the Wii console after this or future updates of the Wii system menu.
What I want to know.. is why in the hell isn't this information on the first page of the booklet or even a special insert in the game case. I don't know about most people, but I, for one, do not read the instruction booklets for games. I am quite aware of how to operate a game and the controls for most games, and if not.. I just figure it out.
The thing is, is that we did not even get the update screen come up like it says we are suppose to!
Are there really people out there who read this information before playing a game?!

So, our system is now connected to the internet and we will perform system updates quite regularly to make sure that this type of thing does not happen again.
So.. just an FYI to all of you out there.. make sure your systems are updated prior to playing any new games!!

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