Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Few Questions About Oral Sex - Ask A Housewife!

Today, we have a few questions from a gentleman about having oral sex with his wife, and his need to know if he is normal.

(Please note that questions posted are not edited in any way. Questions are copied verbatim as they were asked.)

"My wife and I have been married for 6 years and love each other.
When we do 69, I'm on top, sometimes she takes me past the point of no return and I cum in her mouth.
When I'm about to cum, I tell her but sometimes she doesn't listen to me. She hates the taste of cum.
Why does she take me passed the point of no return if she doesn't like my cum in her mouth? How do I help her?
I love going down on her. When I come home from work, she greets me at the door and as soon as I shut the door, I'm face buried into her.
Last night, we were preping for 4th of July picinic with our family.
She was wearing an apron and that's it. I didn't notice it until I was sitting peeling potatoes at the table.
I looked up and noticed her naked ass with her hairless pussy staring at me while she was bent over checking on the ham.
I silently got up and knelt behind her and kissed her beautiful pussy lips. She was shocked and excited at the same time. I had my way with her right there in the kitchen.
Are all guys this orally excited about their wife?"

Dear (name removed),

Firstly, it sounds as though you and your wife have a great and healthy sex life! Congrats!!

I'm not sure about ALL guys, but alot of men are quite orally excited about their wives, including my husband. This is a GREAT thing!
While you both are doing 69, try it with her on top, or even laying side by side.
I'm sure if your wife is anything like me, then she probably really enjoys giving oral and when it is happening simultaneously, then she may be 'in the zone' so much, that she just does not hear you because she is enjoying what you are doing so much as well.
With her being on top or laying on your sides, it will be easier for her to remove your penis from her mouth when that time comes.
Also, she may not realize or be aware that you are so close to ejaculation. It does take some practice to know when a man is at that point.

Try oral sex individually, and help to clue her in when you are getting close. She will be able to learn certain triggers that will drive you over the edge and certain movements that you may make or the way your penis reacts when you are getting close.
More practice while having her giving just you a blow job will help her to learn when you are reaching that point, and will be easier for her to avoid getting a shot to the mouth, while you both are enjoying a 69 position.

Also, something that I have learned is that certain foods can change the taste of cum.
By eating a healthy diet and including pineapple juice, it helps to make the taste sweeter. You may want to try that as well.

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  1. You lucky - lucky git! How do you get into a position where you consider it a problem that your wife lets you have the occasional 'Cheque's in the post' accident? not to mention the whole naked cooking escapades!

    ho hum - good advice though :-)


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