Monday, June 21, 2010

A busy week

This week promises to be quite busy indeed!
With our impending mini-vaca to the Guadalupe river with the K.O.S. (Krewe of Swingtown) group, along with our normal daily responsiblities, we have quite a bit of things to get taken care of before we leave.
Not that you really care what I have planned for this week, but hopefully writing it down will help me to remember what all I need to get done.

Monday (Today) -
  • Help my mother take un-needed and unwanted items to the dumpter.
  • Take my mother to home depot to get new hoses for her washing machine.
  • Get windows in the Tahoe tinted, to diminish uneven tanning while on the road (lol).
Tuesday -
  • Get the laundry done so we have clothes to wear.
  • Make a list of the items we need to pick up from Wal-Mart for the trip.
  • Make the first of many trips to Wal-Mart prior to leaving.
Wednesday -
  • 9am appointment for waxing of legs, underarms and the whole "downstairs" area.
  • Drop off kids @ my mom's apartment.
  • Get oil changed in Tahoe.
  • Get Tahoe inspected so we don't get a ticket.
  • Head to Galveston to search for the perfect swimsuit.
  • Run to Wal-Mart for a 2nd time (We always forget something).
  • Host a meet & greet
  • Pick up promo items for the river trip for a sponsoring club. (Somehow we managed to be unofficial, offical spokepersons for a lifestyle club for the trip.)
Thursday -
  • Sleep in just a tad since I'm sure we'll be a little hungover from the night before.
  • Pick up kids
  • Get grocery items (beer, snacks, hard liquor) for the trip.
  • Run to Wal-Mart for the 3rd time (at least), because we've managed to forget yet more things.
  • Get bags packed for the trip.
  • Celebrate hubby's birthday with the kids.
  • Give hubby his annual birthday bath early.
Friday -
  • Early wake up.
  • Sing happy birthday to my darling husband.
  • Finish getting bags packed.
  • Get everything packed up in the Tahoe.
  • Drop off kids @ my mom's for the weekend.
  • Make the final trip to Wal-Mart because we've remembered other things that we previously forgot about.
  • Get on the road!
Most likely, I'll be writing this week about the excitement before we leave, and the fun things that I *hope* will happen.
We've got some hotelmates for the trip, and that's really exciting! ;-)

Until then..

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